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Saturday, November 6, 2010

AWD Subaru Legacy for Jane!

Jane is definitely ready for our next Ohio winter with her new beautiful 2009 Subaru Legacy AWD. I had the pleasure to sell Jane her previous 2008 Saturn Astra XR about a year ago which she bought off our showroom floor. She came in for service today and saw our lovely 2009 Subaru Legacy AWD also sitting inside on our showroom floor and has always wanted to own an AWD vehicle and now she does!!! She mentioned when I sold her the Saturn how she liked the Subarus a lot and now she is a proud owner of one. She must have a thing for cars on the showroom! Jane plans on going out to dinner with her husband to The Refectory restaurant to celebrate her new purchase MmMmmm! Her favorite vacation spot is anywhere in Puerto Rico as she enjoys teaching Spanish. She loves the broadway play Driving Miss Daisy too. Thanks yet again Jane and enjoy your AWD Subaru!

Jane's Professional Salesman was the one and only Todd Masa. For first rate service call Todd Masa at 614-507-8961 and he will take care of you as he has Jane!!!

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