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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sriram & Savitha's 07 Honda Accord - Chipotle Style

The day was loaded with smiles here at Miracle Motor Mart, and for Sriram & Savitha it was no different.
They are heading to Chipotle to celebrate the purchase of their 2007 Honda Accord V6. In their free time they like to watch their favorite movie Raavan and vacation in Los Angeles California. With this new Honda they can drive there and back 100 times in this Accord!

Congratulations on your new car Sriram and Savitha, Your Miracle Team Professional was Mike Armstrong, thanks for becoming Mike's newest clients. Make sure you tell all your family, friends, school cohorts and co-workers about Mike so they can get a fabulous deal on their next car purchase. They can reach him at 614-337-0037.


Miracle Motor Mart, We Have The Best Prices on The Planet!

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Terry Marcum
Internet Sales Counselor

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