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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr. Frank N. Fera of Bulldog Office Products

Frank brings the same enthusiasm to Bulldog Office Products today that he used when he founded the company in 1968. The same dedication Frank Has towards Bulldog Office Products is the same dedication he uses in his car buying and ownership efforts. It is the same dedication he gives all his clients too. Frank is the owner of Bulldog Office Products and this a link to his website  So if you need office products, you can give him a call, he'll take great care of you!!!

Frank comes back to Miracle Motor Mart again, and again! Like the Energizer "Bulldog", Frank (pictured in the middle, along side Angelo D'Andrea left & Jim D'Andrea right) keeps going and going. Frank, a longtime customer of Miracle Motor Mart takes his automobile purchases seriously. From the companies he buys from, to the way he takes care of his cars. He came all the way from Pittsburgh, PA this morning and purchased our 2007 Ford E250 cargo van. Frank has bought a dozen cars from Miracle Motor Mart in the past and this is another one he can add to the list. Here is how dedicated Frank is, he has a 97 Toyota Corolla that he purchased from Miracle Motor Mart, it has over 400k miles, 416k miles to be exact, and he is keeping it!!!! Now that is getting the most out of your purchase and a testimony to the value you gain when you purchase from Miracle Motor Mart.


Thanks for becoming our most recent client again Frank!

Miracle Motor Mart, We Have The Best Prices on The Planet!

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Terry Marcum
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