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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shanghai anyone?

Here they are folks, Yifan and Zach! They came in, test drove our 2007 Honda Civic LX and conquered! There is a reason why people drive 150 to 500 miles to buy a car from Miracle Motor Mart. Why do you think they do that? Well quite frankly it's the price $$$$$. Shocking huh? Not really...just another normal day for us, but an amazingly exciting day for all of my clients! 

Why pay more at the big store? Buy for less from the best, Miracle Motor Mart! I'll let you figure that one out. Yifan can enjoy her 2007 Honda Civic LX for a long time! In her spare time she enjoys watching her favorite movie "Lost in Translation" and going to her favorite city Shanghai.

Congratulations Yifan, Thanks for becoming my newest client! 

Your Story Should Be Next!

Terry "Quite Frankly" Marcum

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