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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Doug says "I LoveYou"


John and Shannon saw first hand why everyone is flocking to Miracle Motor Mart to purchase there cars. In fact the girls brought some special friends along to share in the Miracle Moment! Now Doug from "Up" has a favorite dealership along with his favorite owner, He says "I came along because I love Miracle Motor Mart". 

It goes without saying, we are making an IMPACT on everyone, even the animated characters of Hollywood! Why? Well, because "Quite Frankly" we have the best prices on the planet! John and Shannon now have a second Mazda in the family, with this 2006 Mazda MPV- ES. This was a super clean, loaded mini-van. They will enjoy the extra space for all their family needs! 

Thanks for becoming my newest clients. 
Hope you able to get away to the Outer Banks soon, or maybe to "Infinity & Beyond"

Your Story Should Be Next!

Terry "Quite Frankly-The 6th Man" Marcum 

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