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Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Steve & Amber Moment!

Steve & Amber were way over due for a new Honda, after searching far and wide, they landed right here at Miracle Motor Mart! They knew the value and dependability that comes with a Honda from personal experience. Their 98 Accord had taken good car of them for 190k miles. Now they can enjoy this 2007 Honda Accord for another 10 years.

In their free time they enjoy watching the "Wedding Crashers" and plan to visit the "Bahama's" at some point! So, as usual this is just another great couple, who "Quite Frankly" found the best price on the planet! Right here at Miracle Motor Mart!

Thanks Steve and Amber for becoming my newest clients.

Your Story Should Be Next!

Terry "Quite Frankly" Marcum 

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