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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tiffany, Denny, Braiden & Paige

Tiffany, Denny, Braiden just stopped in to buy Paige a new 2007 Honda Civic LX with less than 17,000 miles! From where else? Miracle Motor Mart, where quite frankly "We have the best prices on the planet"The only twist to this is Paige won't be driving for another 7 years or so! Hum?? I bet Tiffany and Denny will be driving it in the mean time.

Don't worry Paige since your parents and your little brother bought you a Honda, it will just be broken in for you when you start driving. So, in the meantime, I suggest you have your parents take you to Disney World to celebrate! I hear there is a Giant Mouse down there!

Tiffany and Denny may want to go to the beach and watch the tide roll in for a few days after a long and treacherous month of car shopping!

From all of us here at Miracle Motor Mart, a bigThank Youfor becoming our newest clients!


Your Story Should Be Next! 

Terry "The 6th Man" Marcum 

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