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Friday, May 7, 2010

Deborah Survives the Dreaded "Airbag"



Like Sandra Bullock and Russell Crow, Deborah is a survivor! After a severe accident that put ketchup and mustard everywhere, she stepped out of that tragic scene and drove off today in here 2009 Toyota Rav4! Now that's a nice SUV! 

After hearing Deborah share her story we made sure her next vehicle had all the safety features she wanted, like a solid front end collision rating and side curtain airbags. We also went the extra mile and provided her our "Peace of Mind Extended Service Agreement" Now Deborah can drive and never worry about anything except the road in front of her!

It's all taken care of Deborah! 

Thanks for becoming our Client!

Send a special thanks to Dale and Tim for me!

Your Story Should Be Next! 


Terry "The 6th Man" Marcum 

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