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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Norma's Cookin


Norma is rushing home in her 2008 Honda Civic LX, with only 12,000 miles she was all smiles as she pulled out of our lot. When asked what her favorite hobbies were, she mentioned reading, gardening and cooking just to name a few. Well, of those I happen to like cooking the best, so I whipped up an Idea for her (above picture). Not sure what it is, I did not make it, but it looks fabulous. Hmmm, must be time for dinner cause I'm getting hungry!

Congratulations Norma on the new Civic, I told you it would be worth the drive and your happy face proves it. I hope Keith likes your new Honda, it's the perfect car for you!!!! This is why they call us Miracle Motor Mart...

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Terry "The 6th Man" Marcum

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