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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kyle & Jenna's Chevy Tahoe

Kyle & Jenna's 2000 Chevy Tahoe

Traverse City, Michigan was ranked "3rd Best Fishing Town in America" by Field & Stream in February 2008. Knowing what it means to be among the top, Kyle and Jenna by no surprise found the #1 Independent Pre-Owned dealership in Ohio, "Miracle Motor Mart".In need of more space,they found us online and decided to travel over 7 hours in constant rain to purchase a pre-owned SUV. They found a great deal with us, traded in their 1996 Pontiac Grand-Am,loaded up their stuff, and headed right back for Traverse City. The rain is still coming down and they are looking forward to getting back home. They will be able to enjoy the great outdoors and as much of the great fishing they can handle.Now that they have a Chevy Tahoe, they may be able to get that boat after all.

Enjoy the new ride Kyle and Jenna! Send us some pictures of your next big catch.

For more information contact:
Terry Marcum

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